Modern Studies

Introduction to the Department

Modern Studies deals with political, social and international issues in the contemporary world. Students can study Modern Studies from S1 to Higher level at The Nicolson Institute.  All S1 & S2 students study Modern Studies. The subject is taught through Gaelic for Gaelic Medium students in S1-4.

Courses Offered in the Department

S1 & S2 Modern Studies Topics - Download Pdf

S3 & S4 Modern Studies (English Medium) - Download Pdf

S3 & S4 Modern Studies (Gaelic Medium) - Download Pdf

S3 & S4 Nuadh-eòlas (Gaelic version) - Download Pdf

S5 & S6 National 5 - Download Pdf

S5 & S6 Higher - Download Pdf

Higher Education and Careers

Modern Studies is a very useful course for a range of future study/training options and careers.  It may be particularly useful for those who wish to pursue the following careers: Teaching, Politics, Law, Police, Administration, Local Councils, Media, Journalism, Writing, Technology, Research, International Work, Charity Work.

Useful Websites

Revision Websites for National 5 & Higher - (login available from teacher) - (login available from teacher)

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